About FSPT Why did I do this?

How It All Began

I have been a life-long Poison fan. I got " Look What the Cat Dragged In" the day it came out, August 2nd, 1986 and I never looked back.

Since then, I have seen them numerous times. It would have been more had I lived in the US instead of Canada. When I did move to the US, in August 2000 for 13 years, I got to see them a bunch of times even though they weren't touring as much. First time I saw them was August 10th, 1988. Yup, had to wait 2 years after their first album release! Still have the stub, what's left of it anyway. Was a very hot and sweaty day. We were one of the first few there in the morning and waited all day in line to get to the front. There were no assigned seats back then. Even sneaked a camera in. ;)

Poison Ticket Stub
Poison Concert Pic
Poison Ottawa Concert Pic
Other Poison concerts include, but not limited to... (mostly because I don't have the stubs and/or can't remember unfortunately)
  • Orlando when they recorded "Swallow This...Live" with Slaughter. Just happened to be on a trip to Daytona at the time.
  • Poison / Quiet Riot - South Florida
  • Poison / Cinderella - Phoenix, AZ
  • Poison / Ratt - Phoenix, AZ
  • Poison / Motley Crue - Phoenix, AZ
  • Poison / Def Leppard - Montreal, Canada
  • Poison - Casino Rama - Toronto, Canada where I got to actually meet them after 30 years!
    Poison Meet

So, now that is out of the way, the reason I wanted to try and get some traction with this site was to get Poison to break away from the tried-and-true setlist they have been using for the past 15 years or so. Sure there are some variations, but nothing significant. Don't you want to hear "Power to the People"? It was written for/about the fans. It would be an awesome opener. Don't you want to hear others like "So Tell Me Why", "Valley of Lost Souls"? I know I do, and from what I read on Facebook, others do as well. So get voting, share the site with your friends and let's get their attention. Maybe we can get a huge Poison World tour for 2020 or 2021!